Daily Exercise Dramatically Lowers Men’s Death Rates

Daily Exercise Dramatically Lowers Men’s Death Rates.

What we all agree on is exercise is good for us and has protective benefits. When Dr Kenneth Cooper was doing his research in the sixties there were Doctors that disputed his claims of how exercise could be use as medicine. Vo2 measurement back then could prove most occupations did not have a high enough oxygen cost(intensity) or done at a long enough duration to stimulate the Physiological changes needed to increase measurement or keep measurement from declining. Not enough data had been collected. It was easier to give a pill and did not require much motivation to swallow it.

Now the research is in 44 years later the Mayo Clinic, American Heart, New England, American Medical and many others. Preventing a steady decline in Peak Vo2 is the most pro-active approach you can take to your health. Measuring aerobic fitness though Peak Vo2 testing there can be shown a decrease in Cardiovascular disease risk when comparing the lowest to the next lowest(25th percentile) fitness category.


Having a score of 17.5ml/kg/min is more of a risk factor for HEART DISEASE than 31.5ml/kg/min. For every 3.5ml increase in Cardio fitness confers an 8% to 17% reductions in cardiovascular and all cause of mortality. Measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and BMI are markers of risk factors for heart diseases. Peak Vo2 screening warrants consideration as an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Data from Peak Vo2 testing can be use as intervention in program design because it can be use to mix Intensity, Duration, and Frequency. Successful programs for building Aerobic Strength use a combination of High, Moderate, to Low Intensity’s. The duration of exercise is step loaded in a progressive manner as the frequency of workouts for the weekly cycle. It is somewhat misleading to think whatever the research says for a 12 week study that high Intensity Interval training is better than Moderate done more min. With any training adaption there will be a weaken of a reaction which is a plateau that is normal to any stimulus. What we need to take from the research is testing Peak Vo2 brings creditability to program design. Training high to often even with high motivation will cause an overtraining response that could restrict the body’s ability to adapt.


Training to low can be consider by itself wasted effort. Training high with a mixture of Moderate and low intensity days that also are for longer duration workouts allows challenge with an overcompensation. This repeated in a consistent manner is what bring s about ones health improving from increase red blood cells, blood volume, number of capillaries, aerobic enzymes, Cardio -Output, and muscle mitochondria density.

We must question what we do and how we do it because all models of exercise are not equal. Your Doctor should support True Fitness Solutions because it is combining education, evaluation, and exercise prescription in a pro-active manner for better health.

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