Fat loss and Mitochondria

Anyone with a weight loss goal for 1st of year should think fat loss by improving muscles Mitochondria. Peak Vo2 testing with exercise prescriptions how you train mitochondria of muscle to increase in size and number along with the specific enzymes that use more fat for energy. Fat gain later in life can come from losing mitochondria development from being sedentary or wrong model of exercise. There are many people that exercise in manner that reduce Peak Vo2 from over-training.


An example is High Intensity Intervals above lactic threshold to many times a week. At same time steady rate training to far under Peak Vo2 can be wasted effort to improving Peak Vo2. An example is postal worker with a 44ml/kg/min peak Vo2 delivering the mail by walking might not use but 12ml/kg min. Even if walking
for 8hrs at 12militers a minute this is not a high enough intensity to prevent the 44ml/kg/min score from declining next year. Learn how aerobic strength training increases Peak Vo2 and Mitochondria to improve health and rate muscle can use fat for energy.


Dr. Len Kravitz wrote an exception short article titled: The Marvelous Mitochondria, ‘Understanding the Cell’s Energy Power Plant’ that goes into more detail about how Mitochondria plays a significant role in fat loss and your overall health.
Also check out Dr. Kravtiz’ and colleagues selected articles here.

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