Mike’s Bio

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Michael Craven is considered a local legend in the field of exercise, weightlifting and improving athletic performance. His broad knowledge of the fitness industry comes in part from having been the owner and trainer of Mike’s Olympic Gym for over 30 years. Mike has trained 8 World Powerlifting Champions, 17 National Powerlifting Champions, 30 State Powerlifting Championsl 1 individual who is a Professional Basketball player in the NBDL, 1 Professional MMA fighter, and was personally ranked 5th in the American Drug Free Powerlifting Nationals in 1987. He has co-developed and appeared on several local television fitness shows including Fitness Facts which was created through his partnership with the Chippenham Sports Medicine Department in Richmond, Virginia. Although he has a long list of champions to be proud of, Mike’s biggest success stories have come from his everyday gym members who have achieved better health and fitness from his knowledge and training.

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While he continues to operate his gym, Mike is presently the President and Founder of True Fitness Solutions – a company that he started 15 years ago when he became more involved in training athletes for many different sports. The business is dedicated to helping people achieve better health and weight loss through the practical application of exercise science. True Fitness Solutions is a prescriptive fitness program which can be easily implemented into the workplace. It offers employees an assessment of their current fitness status, through RMR and VO2 testing; with a customized physical activity component directed at individualized realistic goals. Mike has also been instrumental in collaborating with companies to develop and implement injury prevention programs for their employees aimed at reducing claims and disability costs while promoting a healthier workforce with an improved quality of life.

Measurement of V02 max will provide a true assessment of fitness level. The test will provide all of this data that is vital to proper fitness training. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved athletic performance, increased aerobic strength, building muscle, controlling a chronic condition, or disease risk reduction, Mike Craven can support you with individual counseling, nutrition information and a customized exercise prescription/program. VCU, Virginia State, University of Richmond and Rice University have used Mike’s programs. These schools have data that shows improved performance and continue to use Mike’s programs.