Services & Pricing

TFS-Colage-1024x1024For the True Fitness Solutions Program, Mike offers single memberships, couples memberships (yourself & a friend or significant other), family memberships and TEAM Membership rates. Please call for pricing inquiries. 804-746-5022

The True Fitness Solutions (TFS) Program includes the following: 

•   Pre-test presentation
•   Weigh-in and Body Fat Analysis
•   Initial RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and VO2 Max test
•   Post RMR/ VO2 Presentation (15-20 minutes) with Nutrition information and recommendations
•   Aerobic Exercise Prescription (and strength training routine if customer wants which includes 1 month of free personal training).
•   Use of Mike’s Olympic Gym
•   Quarterly testing & evaluation which includes a new aerobic exercise prescription and strength training routine w/ 1 month of personal training

A unique aspect of the True Fitness Solutions Program is that, you don’t necessarily need to do your aerobic strength conditioning at Mike’s Olympic Gym or at ANY gym.
If you have the resources and are the type of person that would rather be outside than inside, Mike can write your Aerobic Exercise Prescription to suit your preferences.  Whether in a pool swimming laps, or on a bicycle, running, backpack walking, hill repeats, rollerblading, etc you can do a significant amount of aerobic activity outside the gym setting, if you have the resources & that desire.

Don’t live locally? We have customers who live in state, but not a reasonable driving distance to use the gym, who just come to the gym every quarter for their re-testing (which includes a new exercise prescription & subsequent consulting over the phone or internet if needed). We also have customers that reside out of state. They learn about the TFS Program from our website or social media outlets & contact Mike asking how to be apart of it. Mike will explain that you will need to find a facility (often a university) to get the testing done & then email him the results along with your goals; then Mike will write up the Exercise Prescription for you. So, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE LOCAL to take advantage of the True Fitness Solutions Program. If you’re in one of these two categories, do not hesitate to call Mike Craven about how to achieve your desired goals using the TFS program!

Mike’s Olympic Gym Membership without True Fitness Solution Program (Just use of gym facility)

Single Membership – $200   
Couples Membership $350  (Sign up with a significant other -OR- just a friend & save $25 each!)

$50      Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test Only w/ 20-30 minute post- presentation, nutrition information/ recommendations  

$45      Personal Training for 45 minutes
$65      Personal Training 1 hour 20 minutes

Please call Mike Craven for Consulting Rates. Additionally, Mike often is asked to test entire teams who are out of state; this is manageable!  If you’re out of state and interested in setting up individual or group testing at a desired location other than Mike’s Olympic Gym please inquire with Mike. If interested in franchising or replicating the TFS w/out Franchising please contact Mike.