Thoughts on Coaching

Coaches today are trying to play hurry up, no huddle, high tempo style football and basketball which are repeated power movement patterns. You constantly here them talking about wearing down the other team. Jumping, sprinting or any maximum high Intensity change of direction is dependent on the ATP-PC and Lactic System which dominates the Anaerobic System. The teams train year round in the weight room and on track to improve power and speed of these sport specific movements. The testimonies of success is how many more players can sprint faster and jump higher than athletes in the sixties or seventies that never got proper training. To be competitive in sports that demand repeat sprint ability with short rest periods you must train the aerobic system as a strength as well to an optimum for the sport. Without an optimum level of Aerobic Strength (Peak Vo2) you will not restore the energy currency needed no matter how many muscle fibers you can learn to turn on there just won’t be any gas left.Aerobic

There are coaches that are ignoring Aerobic Strength in there conditioning programs though out the year and others using traditions for training with the false understanding what they are doing uses the aerobic system but does not developed it because the wrong energy system is being overloaded by the way they practice or structure condition. Looking at the pyramid you can see the two Anaerobic systems to be used in a repeated manner will be limited if your Aerobic System is to narrow of a base.

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